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Over the past two decades of custom website development, we are fully aware that the perfect solution doesn't come from a one-size-fits-all website subscription service. 

It takes some creativity, strategic thinking, and lots and lots of web development experience. The ability to develop unique capabilities is essential for organizations to effectively stand out and offer the best possible digital experience.

custom web development
Custom web development is advertised all over the internet but Corporate Communications can offer so much more. Our award-winning web design team knows how to identify and solve unique problems with unique solutions.
Your business is unique and its capabilities and plugins should be as well. We've developed hundreds of custom solutions that enhance the end-user experience and align with the company brand. 
Here are some of the most innovative unique modules we've developed:

Construction: Bids Management Systems 


Project bidding is an important part of the architectural engineering industry. Our team developed a custom module to help streamline this process for Passero Associates.

We created a Bids Management System that provides both contractors and project managers the ability to post, access, and track project plans and bid results. 

As part of this unique module development, we integrated Passero's online purchases with a real-time payment gateway, custom digital HR tools, and implemented other necessary APIs to give users the most robust, professional website experience possible. 

bids management system

Tourism: Trip Planners

The best trip planners are fully customized and reflective of the represented brand, not just a bland digital itinerary. Our developers have plenty of experience creating trip planner solutions to allow for customized, branded, and efficient trip planning. 

For Haunted History Trail of New York State, we developed a Trip Planner app, allowing users to create and personalize their own experience across New York's spookiest attractions. Based on a user's location, this app generates a recommended trail of nearby destinations, as well. 

The Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance needed an interactive map that would let visitors plan their trip to specific or multiple destinations across the region. We focused on web application development that lets each user search by region and select certain categories -- activities, accommodations, dining, etc. -- to find in that area and finalize their plans. 

Fresh Air Adventures' custom module development involved a comprehensive rebranding strategy. As our designers collaborated and created the new logo and brand identity, our developers incorporated a trip ideas section that allows users to explore various attractions across the area and select an 'Add to Trip' feature to tag the destination and finalize the adventure. 

Chautauqua County Visitors Bureau's new website includes an integrated Trip Planner that allows users to browse various business listings, select whichever locations to add to their plans, and then, through automation, generate a custom map of their finalized plan. Additionally, with this unique module, site administrators can create and add "Suggested Trip Ideas' directly into the system. 

Customer Relations: Information Requests

Our web design team developed a module that allows users to request free brochures whenever additional information is physically needed. These modules feature a detailed form, a reCAPTCHA security check, and the opportunity to select specific locations, sections, and assets. By filling out and completing this form, the brochures can then be customized and mailed directly to the user via postal mail. 

The Haunted History Trail of New York State Request Brochure allows counties to login to the back-end of the site when users request information on specific locations, bringing up a thorough list of information that can quickly and easily help fulfill users' requests.

A site dedicated to providing world-class biking experiences, WomanTours, features a 'Request a Catalog' module that can be accessed by PDF download, by postal service, or both. Plus, as a final option on each form, users are prompted to subscribe to further email newsletters and communication methods. 

Retail & Design: Interactive Design Tools

Our designers and developers work hand in hand to create innovative design tools that allow for full customization, real-time previewing, and immediate ordering. With each new project we take on, our team looks at past design module feedback to ensure the highest quality final design. 

Takeform's Oomph Pattern Visualizer is a brand new, fully customizable web app that allows facilities managers, interior designers, Takeform reps, and other customers to have complete design and creative control. Users are able to select materials, patterns, and colors, and preview thousands of combinations across multiple design modes.

Explore this custom design application -- Oomph Pattern Visualizer

interactive design tool


Healthcare & Education: Donations & Fundraising

For hospitals, charity organizations, and other fundraising efforts, the ability to effectively encourage and receive donations, engage and honor donors, and customize donation amounts in real-time is crucial for funding developments.

Our web developers created customized capabilities to focus on presenting funding opportunities to members and prospective donors, educating visitors on the impact of their donation, and selecting various gift levels: monthly, quarterly, annually, or a one-time payment. 

Early on, the Rochester Regional Health site lacked an emotional connection to donors, so our module incorporated a section for donor stories that share why others felt compelled to contribute to this foundation. We also focused on improving the overall user experience during the donation process and incorporated strategies to highlight calls-to-action, crowdfunding, and customization. 

The University of Rochester's George Eastman Circle donation module includes the ability for donors to easily allot their gift, automatically adjusting the amount percentages for up to 26 funding opportunities.

Customer Relations: Reservations 

A unique reservation management system should be so much more than a simple form. The ability to customize and edit specific details is crucial -- especially when it comes to supporting those in need.

The Family Autism Connection needed a solution to make sure they had an appropriate number of support staff attending their events at all times. Our developers strategized and developed a custom module that allows for them to add weekends, specific time slots, and dictate how many reservations are available for each event and time slot. They can now access events and vary the number of reservation openings depending on the needs of the individuals and families who are attending. 

Non-Profits: Membership Portals 

Our customized Membership Portal modules are great for organizations hoping to enhance communication with members. Our developers can program systems for easily uploading and monitoring membership contracts, an otherwise complicated administrative process.

Similarly, a private member-only login portal can allow members to stay up-to-date on organizational events, view and share important documents, and view member pricing for products and services. 

Corporate Communications has developed customized Member Portals (and Messaging Portals) for the following:

Food & Hospitality: Menus & E-Commerce

We've developed a handful of unique solutions for restaurants, local shops, and food-related websites: 

Eat Up Rochester -- This site features an interactive map that allows users to locate certain Rochester eateries and restaurants. This map includes filters to make it easier to separate dining options by location, type of cuisine, price point, and more. This one-page website also includes a list of participating restaurants, their menus, and pricing and contact information. 

Hedonist Artisan Chocolates -- Our team took a careful approach to design the e-commerce portion of Hedonist's site, featuring a grid of visually-appealing product photos, a box quantity selector enabling users to choose between different gift box sizes and amounts, and a customizable checkout process including various ribbon colors and text options. 

DiBella's -- This customized and easy-to-navigate online menu features dozens of mouthwatering subs and salads, product descriptions, and a separate catering menu. Simple. Safe and Convenient. And Delicious! 

Professional Services: Content Management Calendars

Our team recognized that some of our clients were struggling to continue to add quality, relevant content to their online presence after their site launch. Our goal was to implement a new tool to help improve the process of planning, collecting, and distributing the content. Thanks to this unique CMS module, the content can be prepared and ready to publish across various channels by the set deadlines. 

The content Calendar Manager is a tool to help plan the ongoing development of content for websites, blog posts, social posts, and more. This module was designed to help schedule the specific tasks required for the content team to collect the necessary information in a timely and organized manner. This tool can be integrated within the CMS and administrators can assign access to appropriate team members to ensure maximum efficiency.

M/E Engineering's extensive content portfolio includes projects, sectors, services, news, announcements, and so much more. The Content Calendar Manager is a great way for them to oversee and streamline the entire content development process. 

Professional Services: Commendations  

Our designers know how important commendations can be for an organization's success. We've found an innovative approach to not only highlighting praise when it's deserved but automating employee recognition, as well. 

For Passero Associates, their HR team was looking for a more streamlined method for awarding their 'Thumbs Up' certificates to deserving employees. We developed a simple, user-friendly module to easily collect submission data, manage these important awards, and work to further recognize and thank individuals for their hard work.  

employee recognition form


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We've developed so many more custom capabilities and interactive web applications not listed above, including: Maps, camper lists, auctions, sponsorships, affiliate sales, savings calculators, virtual tours, floorplans, line cards, naming opportunities, custom portals, park properties, SMS, events, and so much more! 

Creating digital experiences that unite business, brand, & customer. If you need help visualizing or developing a unique module to improve your business, contact us today


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