Brochure Design / Print Collateral

Print Collateral Designed to Engage

Your printed collateral must make your customers and prospects feel comfortable with your company’s products and/or services. Whether you need a simple brochure or an entire marketing campaign, our team of innovative marketing specialists and creative designers have the experience to design all of your print collateral. Effective design will deliver your marketing message in your print collateral clearly and concisely and establish an emotional response to your brand. We accomplish this by balancing creative originality with relevance and functionality. We will design your print collateral to get results.

Print collateral made from prefabricated design templates are usually easy to spot and are ineffective when you are trying to stand out in the crowd. Corporate Communications, Inc. follows a regimented creative process to design your print collateral. We execute a phased, collaborative approach that is motivated by your specific marketing objectives. This is not to stifle creativity, but to enable efficiency in the development process, which allows more time to focus on the extra touches in the design of your print collateral and make them shine.

We will work with you throughout the process of discovery and concept development all the way through design and final production. Our designers have solved many creative challenges for our clients in a wide range of industries and we can use this expertise to design your print collateral as well.

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