The Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance

The Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance had a strategic goal of growing tourism by 20 percent over the course of three years. Knowing the website would play a key role as a major conduit in growing revenue in the 14 county region, the Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance contracted Corporate Communications, Inc. to design and develop a new, more interactive website. They wanted a website that would further represent the beauty of the region, as well as better meet the needs of its visitors, including an interactive mapping and trip planning application.

Enhanced Branding

The Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance wanted a website that would depict the beauty of the region that it represents and enhance their overall brand. We used imagery from the Finger Lakes as the focal point for the website including scenery photos as well as photos of area activities, events and businesses. The result is a website that gives the visitor a visual taste of what it’s like to be in the region while maintaining the already established branding for the alliance.

Interactive Map and Trip Planning Application

To increase usefulness of the website for its visitors, the Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance requested to have an interactive map that would allow visitors to plan their trip to one or multiple destinations. We developed an application that lets the user search by region and select categories of dining, accommodations, and activities to find options in that area. The user can then add locations to their trip planner, allowing them to build their own customized trip.

Customized User-Friendly Interface

In effort to increase efficiency in managing the website, the Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance gave each partner the option to manage their own page content. This allows partners more control over their marketing and promotion initiatives. Each post by a partner is then submitted for approval by the Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance. In needing to cater to the many users of the system and their varying technological skills, we developed a user interface that is easy to use and manage even with little technical knowledge. 

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Interactive Mapping application - Selection screen & Planned trip include routes from selected destinations

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