Direct Mail Campaigns

Memorable and Persuasive Direct Mail Marketing

The primary function of direct mail design is to deliver your sales or marketing message to a list of recipients with a persuasive call-to-action. Your message may be focused on special offers, a promotional contest or directing the reader to your website.

We know the key to designing an effective direct mail piece is to understand your goals and objectives for the mailing. If your goal is to create awareness and build traffic to your website, a simple well-designed postcard will work. If you are trying to sell a big ticket item with your direct mail campaign, you’ll probably need a more elaborate package to convince your recipient that your product and/or services are the right choice for them.

We make sure the visual message in your direct mail design is powerful enough to be remembered.

Targeted Direct Mail Design

Our marketing specialists and creative designers use a simple, straight-forward method for designing our clients’ direct mail campaigns. Once we know your goals and your target audience, we use this information to hone in on the proper creative direction for the design. We keep the direct mail design as simple as possible and easy-to-read, so your message is delivered clearly and quickly. We are also conscious of elements that make for efficient mail processing to ensure there are no surprises when you are ready for distribution.

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