Corporate Identity Design

Designing the Complete Package

A strong, well-defined corporate identity will reinforce brand recognition for your company. Corporate identity design consists of the various visual elements used on your business card, letterhead, envelopes, labels, signage and all of your marketing communications. These elements include the combination of your logo, colors, fonts, shapes, images and messaging. This package must be professionally designed and developed properly because it plays such a significant role in the presentation of your company's visual image. Your business collateral must have a unique, consistent look and feel to differentiate you from your competition.

Great Identity Design Provides Impact

Good design looks nice. Great design is something that is unique and makes an powerful impact. It is proven that a professionally designed corporate identity package can make the difference between a prospect making a decision to use your services or go with one of your competitors.

Think of what influences and motivates you when you are choosing to use a company's products or services. Most likely the visual elements and quality of presentation has effected your purchasing decisions more often than not. It's always important to make a good first impression and at Corporate Communications, Inc. we can translate your new identity into all of these materials for you.

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