Over the past 2 decades the architectural firm Patrick J. Morabito Architect, P.C. a full service architectural firm based in Rochester NY. has designed hundreds of exquisite homes. In a move to make their plans more accessible, a majority of the architectural firm's collection is now available for purchase through their web site.

The architectural firm sought us out to develop an engaging, attractive and highly effective web site aimed at distributing their plans to a wide audience. Licensed in New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Michigan financial limitations made it impractical to maintain offices in all of these states, and thus a web marketing and distribution plan became the top priority.

The web site features a very robust database-driven search mechanism that provides users with a simple means of searching, selecting and purchasing home plans through the site. Different products can be purchased for many of the homes including blue prints, study plans, concept plans plus more. A full-fledged eCommerce system completes the website. This system provides a simple way for web site visitors to directly purchase the variety of products from the firm.

The Rochester, NY architectural firm is currently collecting more and more of the plans they have created with plans to add to them to the web site. Thanks to the expandable system Corporate Communications designed for the web site this can be done quickly and easily.

Trendsetting Rochester Architectural firm extends its reach by offering plans for puchase online