Reggie Stephens

Title: Webmaster / Quality Assurance & Customer Service Lead
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Reggie is the first line of customer care for Corporate Communications, Inc. His prior experience involved various human relations tasks and included working in several different product fields while maintaining a high lever of customer service. Reggie now brings that experience to our agency.

Handling all client questions and concerns, he decides the best way to handle the situation and solve the client’s problem for them. He also provides day-to-day maintenance and support of our client’s websites, domains, and email accounts. Reggie makes sure the development has a final set of eyes looking at it and tests all projects before it is given the green light to go live.

So what is it you actually do at the agency?

Day to day, I maintain and organize our company and client assets. Just trying to make it easy to find things when they are needed.

When you're not doing that you will most likely be doing...

Playing video games, watching internet videos, reading or writing fanfiction or chatting with my buds over Skype. Sometimes all at the same time!

When I can tear myself away from my computer, I also enjoy rollerblading during the warm seasons and ice skating during the cold ones.

Reggie Stephens


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