Matt Mitchell

Title: Vice President / Director of Operations
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As Vice President and Director of Operations, Matthew’s key responsibilities are centered around keeping Corporate Communications, Inc. focused on a progressive and innovative growth path. His close attention to detail coupled with his firm understanding of how the technical and creative processes related to the company services help to guide this focus. These talents play key roles in setting employee performance expectations at a very high level, in both innovative technical application development and creative problem solving.

Day to day asset management and project budget control are continual requirements for the delivery of successful client projects and campaigns. This requires Matthew’s direct involvement in most of the agency’s largest accounts, as well as the oversight of a majority of all new clients and campaigns coming into the company.

So what is it you actually do at the agency?

I attempt to keep everything rolling smoothly, some days are easier than others. My specialties revolve around online user interactive design, online marketing and search engine optimization. I fancy myself a designer (but accept reality) and love asking questions that others wish I hadn't.

When you're not doing that you will most likely be doing...

Focusing on my family.


Matt Mitchell


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