Chip Saresky

Title: Director of Marketing & Sales
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I have had a very diverse career in marketing, media, advertising and entertainment. I spent 6 years in broadcasting as an On-Air talent, producer and in broadcast production. I worked for GANNETT for 15 years as VP / General Manager of non-traditional advertising which included billboards, bus ads, bus shelter & airport advertising, light rail and subway platform ads. My division often collaborated with the local newspaper and USA Today on campaigns. Having worked in almost every media, I have had a keen sense for marketing trends, so in 2001, I felt it was time to diversify and pursue marketing for the "NEXT GENERATION", which brought me to Corporate Communications. They were the area’s top website and interactive development firms, developing ways for companies to communicate better online. I was convinced when I saw one of their Web-mercial presentations for a Kodak digital camera. Today, I am probably one of the few people in town that can speak from first-hand the experience, how to mix traditional and new media effectively.

Concurrently, I was involved in the concert business for the last 22 years, working for one of the largest promotors in the country, John Scher, aka Metropolitan Entertainment. I was one of two people responsible for managing band security for the company. It introduced me to a world, few experience firsthand. It spanned from staying with the Rolling Stones to rehearsing with Billy Joel, Peter Gabriel, Metallica, The Who, Neal Young, Boston, Harry Conick Jr. and more, plus we managed the Grateful Dead. Stories, I have hundreds of them, and they are all true.


So what is it you actually do at the agency?

As Director of Marketing & Sales, my focus has been to develop and market, innovative web and interactive multimedia campaigns for my clients. I am always quick to point out, we are not just another web company, we are one of the region's premier web and interactive marketing and web development companies. While other companies may say they are too, I am proud to say Corporate Communications demonstrates it!  In the last 9 years, our client have received 15 Best of the Web Awards from the Rochester Business Journal, more than any other firm. I have been very fortunate that a good number of them went to my clients ;-). I help customers identify better ways to communicate with their clients and get results. This has helped foster lasting relationships with many of the region’s top companies while increasing our college and manufacturing business.  

I often co-produce our web-mercial (eVideos) with our developers. It has been one our fastest growing products over the years and is just another way we translate our clients brand messaging into other media. I find nothing more exciting than crafting a powerful and engaging 2-3 minute marketing message that moves my clients customers to action. Introducing them to the results they can only realize from the explosive growth of viral marketing. This delivery method has been very successful for our clients because it "fits the lifestyle" of their clients.  

When you're not doing that you will most likely be doing...

something In the water.  

I think I was born with an amphibious gene. So much of what I like to do revolves around water. My favorite things to do are scuba diving, underwater photography, surf casting, para sailing, sailing or powerboating. Traveling to where I could live and work on the beach has always been my dream.  At one point I thought about becoming a Dive Master at one of the Caribbean Islands I visited but the economics of it as well as other realities, brought clarity to that idea.

My favorite yearly trip is Cape Cod. I have rented a cabin right on the beach for more than 20 years. This place fulfills my ideal off-site beach office. You have to see it to believe it. It's a crazy town with so much to do, at your fingertips. Want to no more, I can send you pictures.

In the past, my most memorable vacations were when I encountered, by sheer chance, friends from the entertainment business. in the Caribbean.  Like the time we saw a guy wearing a thong bathing suit, sunning himself on the deck of my dive boat in Bonaire and find out when he turned over it was actually my friend from Van Halen and now Tour Manager with Skid Row. The ladies were all grossed out but ultimately found him wildly funny and wanted to go with us, gambling and drinking the night away like "Rock Stars". Getty Lee of Rush and I, inadvertanly sat down next to each other in Antigua Airport and ended up discussing giving him private scuba lessons if he ever decided to take the plunge. There's more but I shouldn't go on.

All I can say is it's a small world and I have been very fortunate.‚Äč

Chip Saresky


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