Corporate Communications, Inc. has been identified as an authorized training provider by New York State Department of Labor's Workforce New York. Corporate Communications, Inc. has been authorized to design and create custom Web and CD-Rom based interactive training for workforce development. The goal of the training initiative is promote an increase in employment, job retention, earnings and occupational skills improvement of participants. Corporate Communications, Inc. has authored an interactive training development environment to be used to fulfill the web based training opportunities associated with Workforce New York. This training environment is called Interactive Campus. This training environment is extremely flexible, and provides an unprecedented amount of student performance tracking. To help better analyze the data collected by the tracking mechanisms, numerous data analysis tools have been developed. The combination of these features puts Interactive Campus at the forefront of web based training technology. For more information about Workforce New York and the custom interactive training made available by Corporate Communications, Inc., refer to the Workforce New York web site. For further information about the groundbreaking training development environment Interactive Campus, visit