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The many benefits of video marketing

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we understand that a lot of factors go into a successful online strategy. Web development, SEO, content marketing, social media, email campaigns, and so much more all play a part in establishing an effective digital presence. 

But one aspect of digital marketing connects all of these buckets into one powerful and rewarding approach: video marketing. 

How do consumers want to learn about a new product or service? 

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According to Wyzowl, there is only one clear answer: Video. At 68%, short video content is the number one way customers prefer to learn about products or services - 2nd place being text-based articles at only 15%. 

Onsite Video Content

Perhaps the most important goal of every website is to make a good first impression - and quickly. 
Your business only has a few seconds to develop a strong connection with a visitor. There are some technical things that can be done through web development like boosting site speed, improving navigation, and using Responsive Website Design. But a powerful introductory video is a great way to capture a visitor's attention and encourage further engagement.  

Video Marketing & SEO

It's not just about resonating with a site user; digital video production has some SEO advantages, as well. Content is a crucial part of your website and you should constantly be developing new, helpful content - but video can and should be a large part of that new content. 

Whether you're building a new web page with a video focus (and an optimized transcript) or you're writing a more conventional blog with video to support your message (again, with an optimized transcript), video content is a great way to strengthen your SEO strategy and improve your overall web presence.

Plus, since Google's new GA4 Analytics update, page engagement is now one of the highest ranking factors out there. And video content has the highest engagement numbers of any medium. 

According to InVideo, video content is 12 times more successful than other types of content. In fact, video generated higher engagement rates than both text and image content combined. 

The Versatility of Video Marketing

Video can be used for so many marketing efforts: Sales support, highlighting new products, showcasing company culture, welcoming visitors to your site, and as a positive extension of your brand. 

Boost your brand identity with video marketing

Branding is such an important part of any business and video content - done correctly - can help create a consistent visual identity across your website. Establishing and maintaining a strong brand identity allows your company to be recognized by anyone you come in contact with, including your target audience. 

A major part of achieving a successful brand is to evoke a sense of emotion with anyone who comes in contact with your company's messaging. As soon as someone can associate an emotion with something they're seeing, that story will likely remain part of their memory for a long time. Thankfully, video storytelling is the best way to convey emotion, across any platform. 

Video content should be used as an extension of your brand and showcase your company's voice, style, and purpose. 

Video can, and should, tie into your entire digital marketing approach, as well. There are various other channels - in addition to your website - that can be even more effective with strong video content: 

Social Media - Organic Posts

There was a time and place for regular static imagery on social media (i.e. the original Instagram). But now, video content is the highest performing, most engaging, and most entertaining form of content across every social media platform.

Think about it... what's most engaging to you? What usually stops you from scrolling further down your Instagram or Facebook feed? A picture? A link to an article? A text-based theory about politics? 

Probably not. The answer is video content

The same is true for businesses trying to increase engagement online and convert. In fact, according to Wyzowl's Video Marketing Statistics 2022 survey, 93% of brands say they got a new customer due to the videos posted on their social media accounts. 

Social Media - Ads 

Video can play a big role when it comes to PPC marketing, as well. The most important part of a successful social media advertising campaign is to provide value. You should be looking at what value you're able to provide to the audience you're targeting. Video content is a great way to achieve this and can be done through video testimonials, animated versions of static ads, product reviews, and so much more. 

High engagement on Facebook Ads is difficult to come by. Between 1% and 2% engagement rate is considered "good" and between 0.5% and 0.99% is average. Facebook Ads with video, however, achieve an average engagement rate of 6.01%

Email Marketing 

Is your business sending regular email marketing campaigns? Capture and keep your recipient's attention with quality video content. Adding digital video content to your email is a great way to get more opens, click-throughs, and conversions. 

Since there aren't too many email clients who support video playback within emails, email marketing best practices suggest creating an eye-catching graphic with that ever-enticing play button. Then, once clicked, they'll arrive at the page where the actual video is located. Here are a few video-related email marketing statistics to note: 

  • Video thumbnails can increase clicks 50% (Campaign Monitor)
  • The word "Video" in a subject line can increase open rates by 6% (SuperOffice)
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing an email (Tubular Labs)
  • Videos can lower your cost per lead by 19% (Vidyard)

Video Marketing Statistics


Here are some of the most noteworthy video marketing statistics according to a HubSpot Blog survey of 550 marketers: 

  • 42% of marketers say creating video content through an outside video marketing agency has resulted in better videos.
  • 44% of marketers use an iPhone as their primary camera for video content. 
  • 55% of marketers say they leverage of mix of organic and paid content.
  • 31% of brands publish two to four videos per month.
  • 39% of marketers report that short-form videos generate the biggest ROI.
  • 64% of marketers claim the optimal length of short-form marketing videos is between 20 and 60 seconds. 
  • 59% of marketers have created a video that has gone viral. 
  • 67% of marketers say sharing marketing videos on social media has the biggest ROI.

Video marketing isn't an exciting new digital strategy gaining momentum anymore. It's here. And it's a powerful tool to educate people on your products or services, engage users more than ever before, and share your brand's story. 

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Smaller companies shouldn't be at a disadvantage when it comes to video. You don't need to have a ginormous budget to create compelling video content. Corporate Communications is a full-service digital marketing agency in Rochester, NY, with an experienced creative team focused on enhancing your website design, social media presence, and digital strategy.

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