Genesee County Chamber of Commerce TPA

More than Just JELL-O

Situated halfway between Buffalo and Rochester NY, millions travel through Genesee County each year via Interstate 90/New York State Thruway. What many people don't realize is the myriad attractions and historically significant destinations that are located within the county, including the birthplace of JELL-O!

Tasked with invigorating the tourism industry within the rural Western New York County, Genesee County Chamber of Commerce's Tourism Promotion Agency relies heavily on its digital marketing strategy. Corporate Communications worked closely with the TPA's marketing team to devise, design and develop a dynamic, visually-rich website to highlight county destinations and news and upcoming events. 

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Visit Website

Visually Stimulating Website Design

The responsive website design focuses heavily on the use of the eye-catching photography captured at destinations throughout the county. Travelers viewing the website will recognize iconic structures and be tantalized with mouth-watering images of local cuisine.  

Integrated Sitelet 

To prepare for the solar eclipse in April 2024, Genesee County Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center needed a website that could house information on this once-in-a-lifetime experience and drive people to the area for the eclipse. We designed a sitelet for them to feature GeneSEE the Eclipse where visitors can learn more about the total eclipse and its importance, and why Genesee County is the place to visit for the best eclipse viewing experience in NYS. 

Image of homepage of the eclipse sitelet

Ecommerce Solutions 

Along with their site, we created a Shopify store where people can purchase their eclipse merchandise. With their Shopify site, there are two ways they can sell products; physical merchandise stored in their warehouse and a print-on-demand integration. Products like their children’s book and the safe solar glasses are stored in bulk in their warehouse while apparel like t-shirts and hoodies are printed on demand, using Printify, when someone places an order, freeing up warehouse space and ensuring no extra inventory is left over.

E-commerce site for Genesee the Eclipse merchandise - image of their hoodie

Sitewide Information Integration

A primary objective of the information architecture was to link related content found throughout the site from any reference point. Knowing many users arriving at the site will be entering 'sideways' through a search engine optimized sub-page, immediately displaying all related content to that user provides a destination 'snapshot' would be extremely helpful when seeking related destination information. 

Genesee County Chamber of Commerce CMS

Content Management System Customization

As a vibrant and active county, there are constant changes and additions that need to be added to the website. With limited staff dedicated to this task, it was critical the website maintenance be simple and straightforward. Based on our custom Content Management System (CMS), customization was implemented to make the ongoing maintenance of the site simple and efficient, featuring restricted multi-user access to focus administer tasks on a user-by-user basis. 

Genesee County Chamber of Commerce Digital Download

Offline Integration

Increased efficiencies extended beyond the website into other areas of the Chamber's business processes and procedures.

Data Download
Customized data download capabilities exist to allow for download and subsequent import of current data from the website for use in print collateral and other 'offline' uses.

Digital Signage Integration
A real-time data feed of event data was created and provided to the Chamber's digital signage company. This feed now drives the event data displayed on digital signage the organization uses to promote county events.