RBJ Awards
Best Overall Gold 2013

The University of Rochester has revealed their new college advancement website - the Meliora Challenge Campaign. University of Rochester is seeking to sustain resources essential to the school’s continued excellence and fulfill its mission to “Learn, Discover, Heal, and Create”. Through a close working relationship with the university team leading the campaign we designed & developed the resulting campaign website.

Developed as the cornerstone of the campaign, the user friendly website features an inviting website design that not only educates but more importantly motivates and encourages giving anytime, anywhere. To make the ongoing management of the campaign website simple and straight forward, we developed a custom Content Management System. The CMS was designed to specifically meet the needs of the website and the team to make information sharing and dissemination fast and simple.

Meliora Reunion Weekend marked the inception of the Meliora Challenge, soliciting development funds and resources from the alumni, parents and friends who flooded the University’s River Campus for four days at the end of October 2011. To date, the campaign has compelled over $786 million in contributions, 65% of the university’s 5 year, $1.2 billion goal.

Meliora Challenge Capital Campaign Website