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Since City Blue Imaging Services has been around for as long as it has, it became difficult to stay up-to-date with the services being offered and how they should be properly marketed. That's why City Blue Imaging turned to Corporate Communications, Inc., in the hopes of relaunching a new, revamped website.
The current web site is designed in a way that is much more sleek and modern. Highlighted on the website are the automatic displays for the company's Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Groupon pages. We felt it was important to showcase the use of social media channels. Additionally, the new, contemporary design is much wider and makes room for additional features without downplaying any of the company's core services. The newfound space is now used for current promotions and featured services.
The pre-existing core layout of the site, as well as the content were both kept intact, with minor updates. However, a few new pages were added and a few were eliminated. The overall look is completely different because of the new design, upgraded graphics and photography, as well as the more contemporary wider format.

Other customer-friendly improvements incorporated into the new site include increased visibility and ease of ordering printing online. The new website also makes it easier for contractors to view and order printed plan sets from the website’s Planroom online ordering system.

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