Interactive CD-Roms

Interactive CD-Roms designed for marketing are the perfect missing link between direct mail and online content. Interactive CDs work especially well when a direct marketing strategy is required that demonstrates the use of interactive messaging through an exciting and engaging story about a product, service or organization.

For pennies a piece, interactive CD-Roms deliver large volumes of exciting interactive multimedia content. For instance, effective Interactive CD design enables the delivery of full-screen, high-resolution video of virtual product demos, customer testimonials or other exciting video content without load time delays or caching issues. Additionally, much of the interactive CD video content can be re-purposed for DVD, web or broadcast if the original video origination is executed correctly.

Our step by step CD-Rom design and CD development process provides a complete interactive CD design solution:

  • CD Design Concepting
  • CD-Rom Message Development
  • CD-Rom Video Production
  • CD Mailer Design
  • Interactive CD Development
  • CD Replication
  • Fulfillment

Unlike other direct mail campaigns, our interactive CD design projects can track viewer activity by utilizing our unique database reporting engine. When combined with detailed demographic information detailing CD-Rom recipients' information, valuable consumer insights can be gained. In addition to tracking user CD-Rom activity, once on a website, further information can be garnered pertaining to online activity through standard website statistics.

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