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Dr. Oliver's Site Gets an Upgrade

Rochester otolaryngologist Robert H. Oliver, M.D., PLLC (Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery) unveiled the ENT practice's new website. Design of this website was focused on conveying the warm, professional and compassionate care that the professionals within this organization strive to provide every day.

Developed from the ground up, we emphasized search engine optimization and ease of updating the content on the site. Both are achieved through a custom Content Management System (CMS) putting the control of the website in the hands of the doctor office administrators.

Focused Objectives

There were three primary objectives we targeted in terms of the information presented on the site. First was to highlight the highly experienced medical professionals and the services they provide. This is further reinforced with a comprehensive collection of patient testimonials.

The second objective of this website design was to make access to ENT related information easy-to-find and digest. In addition to an industry news section that provides the most up-to-date information related to new procedures and treatments, a simple-to-use medical document center was developed. 

Rounding out the website objectives was the desire to increase the use of the website as a referral generator. We designed and developed a user-friendly schedule availability system. This system puts the user in the driver seat by giving them the opportunity to indicate convenient appointment times. A welcome switch for anyone ever faced with trying to mesh their schedule with a doctor's schedule.

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