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The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) recently completed the construction of the new Gene Polisseni Hockey Arena and wanted to give alumni and students the opportunity to purchase personalized seat plaques. They needed an interactive web application that would allow a buyer to select, personalize and purchase a seat plaque easily.

Because this is a sitelet connected with RIT’s existing website, we worked closely with the team at RIT to ensure that it worked properly within their existing server infrastructure. The result is a seamless transition to the application that users can easily access and that is visually similar to the main RIT website.

Custom Interactive Web Application / Sitelet

In order to build an application that would address the requirements of the project, we needed to design a custom sitelet that allowed for interactive usage for selecting seats and visually seeing how the plaque being ordered would look. We developed a simple multi-step process to choose seats and included a visual plaque design tool that would then allow for adding the order to a shopping cart for purchasing online.

Custom Shopping Cart

The application needed to provide users the ability to identify the seat they wanted the plaque to appear on and personalize the plaque to complete the purchase. To do this, in addition to the seat selector feature, we developed a custom shopping cart that displays a rendering of the plaque before checkout and connects with a secure online processor to process the transaction. We also developed an easy-to-use back-end system that allows for the collection of plaque information, the tracking of transactions and the ability to export complete order information to excel for easy processing.

Responsive Design

The sitelet is fully responsive, allowing a user to access and use the application from any device. This was an important component of the project as much of the targeted audience often uses mobile devices when accessing the web.

The Seat Naming Campaign has ended the link below is to the second largest and transformational project for RIT.

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