Eastman Business Park

Promoting the Park

Our relationship with the team at the Eastman Business Park has evolved over many years. We have supported their web presence and digital marketing efforts since inception, adapting to the changing landscape of the park as well as the needs of our client. The website was designed to highlight and promote the real estate opportunities within the Rochester, NY-based industrial park, as well as the unique services and amenities that the park's tenants have access to. The design and architecture of the site align with the clean, straightforward style of the new corporate logo and brand identity that Eastman Business Park developed. The main goal of the user interface design was to make it simple for users to quickly navigate their way to property listing and easily request more information through online forms.

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Eastman Business Park - Home Page

Taking the Vision a Step Further

The marketing team at the Eastman Business Park understands the importance of developing a website that puts the user experience at the forefront. Through the use of big, bold images, a simplified navigation and easy methods to access information about available listings on any device, we developed a website that spoke to it all. We continue to work closely with them to enhance the vision they have for their site and provide additional functionality to improve usability.

"After a recent rebranding initiative, they helped us update our website to implement our new look and find better ways to promote the available industrial real estate, vast resources and amenities at Eastman Business Park. They were very flexible and able work with our design mock-ups and the direction we provided to develop creative solutions for improving the functionality and overall user experience of our new website. The attention to detail was impressive and we are receiving great feedback about the site from our users and new prospects."

- Tim Palmer, Director, Marketing & Business Development, Eastman Business Park

Building a Custom Fit Solution

The comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) was developed and integrated specifically for Eastman Business Park's needs to make managing the industrial park real estate opportunities simple and quick for the website administrators. Each listing can include an unlimited amount of unique specifications. Additionally, the system allows photos, videos and information sheets to be uploaded and incorporated into the page layouts. We have even incorporated an Affiliates Manager to control the listing of current tenants, alliances and suppliers associated with the Park.

EBP Property Listing Manager
Eastman Business Park Tenant Portal

Tenant Satisfaction Included

The Park required a way to provide access to additional resources and specific information for the tenants. We came up with a strategy and developed an online Tenant Portal that was integrated with the main website. Tenants can request an account and once they are approved, they are able to log in and keep in touch with what's happening at Eastman Business Park. Site administrators can post news updates, event announcements and even upload documents that only the authorized tenants will be able to access.