How Do I Set Up My CorporateComm Email Using Apple Mail?

Basic Apple Mail Settings

Apple Mail
1. Add your Corporate Communications email account by first selecting Preferences under the Mail menu.

Apple Mail
2. Click Add Account.

Apple Mail
3. Add a descriptive name of your choice for your Corporate Communications mail account.

Apple Mail
4. Add your Corporate Communications email address.

Apple Mail
5. Add your first and last names.

Apple Mail
6. Enter the mail server name located in your account sheet (ie, as the incoming mail server. Enter your email address as your User Name, and enter your Password. Finally, you'll need to click "Add Server..." under Outgoing Mail Server.

Apple Mail Outgoing (SMTP) Server Settings

Apple Mail
7. After clicking "Add Server..." a new window for SMTP Server Options will appear. Under Outgoing Mail Server, enter the mail server name located in your account sheet (ie,

- Server port - Change to 465
- Use Secure Sockets Layer - Make sure this is checked
- Authenticiation - select Password
- User Name - your Corporate Communications email address
- Password - your Corporate Communications account password

When done, click OK.

Apple Mail
8. The new info you just entered should now show as the Outgoing Mail Server. Click OK.

Apple Mail
9. In the Accounts window, your Corporate Communications mail account should now show under the descriptive name you gave it previously (Part I - Step 3).

If you need to edit its settings at any time, just return to this window, select the account, and click Edit. You can close this window and start using your email now!

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