The Importance of Local Digital Marketing

The digital world has been telling us for several years now that “this will be the year of mobile.We get it. Everything is going mobile, and if you’re not, you should start. But how many more mobile-focused years should we anticipate until the next trend finally takes precedence?

Well, maybe there’s been a new trend on the rise over the years that we may not have noticed since there’s been such a strong emphasis on mobile. Traditional advertising has swiftly been making the transition to digital and mobile advertising because of this trend. In turn, businesses are shifting their spending towards digital efforts since smartphones continue to proliferate and digital advertising evolves.

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As a result, social media and other big-name websites have taken up local targeting. Businesses are now able to target their consumers within a reasonable distance range of their business’ address. Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are just two to name a few.

The phenomenon that is Snapchat has dived into the local digital marketing trend, too. Filters can now be targeted at users in specific locations. Even Instagram, the social media outlet that is currently growing 5x faster than any other social media outlet is powerful for local business. By being able to tag your location, the explosive growth and popularity that comes with Instagram has got people noticing businesses more often than before.

With the right keywords and phrases, businesses can target users who are close by. Google AdWords and analytics allows businesses a closer look at geography, demographics and preferred content. Businesses now have a clearer idea than ever before as to who their audience is, where they are and what they’re looking for. Because of this ease, local digital marketing is leveraging businesses in a way that mobile marketing hasn’t quite done before.

Location-based advertising, whether it’s through social media channels or paid advertising is a strong digital marketing trend that will be further explored in the new year. Already having made quite the stamp in the digital marketing world, it is expected that local digital marketing will continue to evolve.

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