Agency Background

Corporate Communications, Inc. is an interactive marketing agency in Rochester, New York. Originally formed in 1992, today, our staff of 13 designers, developers and account specialists, service a nationwide client base from our headquarters and creative studio at 108 S. Union St., Rochester NY, 14607.

The Agency Approach

Although our core expertise is website development, we have a strong background in the full-range of marketing communications tools from print to social media. We are especially proficient at melding these into a cohesive campaign that will extend your media presence and support your business goals.

A Commitment To Quality

We have a reputation for delivering innovative, exciting and effective interactive and web communications. We strive to deliver this to every client, large or small. So every business can expect that same careful attention to design, implementation and analysis, regardless of budget limitations.

Our Experience is Your Advantage

For over 20 years, we have tackled tough marketing and communications challenges faced by global businesses such as Kodak, Xerox, Gleason and Bausch & Lomb, to name a few. We have a strong commitment to bringing the skills and experience gained through working with large corporate clients to our small & mid-size clients as well as non-profit organizations. 

Client-Focused Service

We understand that marketing is an ongoing process. Our customer service goes beyond a single project to make sure you grow as the technology evolves and markets change. This close working relationship will allow us to make valuable recommendations for innovative approaches to keeping your brand fresh and exciting!