Why Social Media is a Must-Have for Your Small Business

Importance of Social Media

One of the first questions I hear from many clients when discussing their marketing plan is, "we're a smaller sized business, why do we (our business) need to be on social media?" or I hear the comment, "well, we already have a Facebook and Twitter account" (that we do nothing with).

Some just don’t understand the value of social media for a small business or think it’s only for socializing. And, while social media is for socializing, it’s also a medium for socializing with current and potential customers. It’s a space for nurturing leads and discovering new ones as well as engaging with your community.

Here are a few key reasons why social media is a must for your business:

It's Good for Developing Your Brand

We’ve talked before about the importance of brand. Social media is a great way to enhance and promote your brand. What easier way of getting your brand noticed than using social media? Of course, this effort should be strategic and efforts should be geared towards your target audience, but once that is defined, it’s an effective way to reach many new potential leads.

It's No Longer the Future of Marketing

Social media is no longer something you should try in the future, it's something you should be doing now. And, if you’re not, you’re falling behind – fast. Not only that, but social media platforms are constantly evolving, and additional platforms come into play, while others fade away and it’s important to be on top of these trends as they most likely will affect how you plan.

Your Competitors

It’s most likely that your competitors are using social media. They're out there, promoting their brand, and you’re not… who is going to get better recognition? Even if your competitors are not on social media, isn’t that a great opportunity to get a jump start?

Ok, so you’re ready to do social media and have set up accounts on some of the major platforms, what now? The most important thing is to not let them sit. No activity means no engagement and therefore no results. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out this beginner's guide to social media or contact us to discuss further

When starting to use social media, be sure you have a plan and that you monitor your interactions. Though your plan is in place, it’s important to be flexible based on the results you’re seeing, industry trends, and company changes – and to modify your plan as needed.


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