The Digital Marketing Breakdown

Let’s face it, this world is going digital.

As digital marketing and social media campaigns continue to build their momentum, it can be difficult to try and keep up with the latest trends, how to implement them and how to generate more business.

No, digital marketing cannot be simplified into one word. It’s not just Facebook or Twitter. It’s not just web development and design. There are so many tools and techniques that go into developing an effective digital marketing plan.

Digital Marketing Breakdown

Use Your Voice

Marketing has come a long way, and while it has changed immensely, it will continue to evolve into this digital-based world. It works much differently now. It’s all about what you, as a marketer are pushing out – that’s what will pull your audience in.

Instead of pushing out generic messages via paid media, reach your customers on a more personal level. With content marketing tools, research and social media at your fingertips, the relationship between brands and consumers will form seamlessly.

The key of effective digital marketing is to think of yourself as a magnet. The idea is to pull people to your website with whatever content it is you’re offering up. Digital marketing allows you to easily determine your audiences’ interests, so give them what they want. Now’s your opportunity to run with it.

In the age of information, people are obviously seeking (yes, you guessed it), INFORMATION! With modern day technology, there’s no question they’ll find it – but what matters is how they find it. This is where content marketing comes into play.

Create strong, effective and informational content – that is the key. Speaking of key, heavy keyword research will also be a major player in this game of content marketing. Develop and promote informational assets that you know your audience will find valuable.

Did it Work?

The great thing about digital marketing is that it is so easy to measure results. You can access campaign results, objectives and more. The thing with digital marketing is that it’s all experimental, and with any experiment, you’ll need to see results. SEO and digital analytics is a great way to see how your website, social media, campaigns and other techniques have performed. This is a great way to measure what works, what didn’t and what you can do better next time.

Over time, analytics can also determine the cost of leads and return on investment in social media marketing, search, blogging and email marketing.

A good starting point is Google Analytics. It’s free, easy-to-understand and even easier to use.  This tool can help to track your progress in search rankings and a variety of other things like demographics, locations, webpages and more.

Is Anyone Alive Out There?

Project your personality into your work. Create a brand that people can connect with and relate to. Your identity will show your audience who you are and why they should care.

Most website visitors won’t stick around for long because let’s face it, sometimes websites can be pretty dull.

People do business with people – especially people they trust. Put a face to the name to make your brand more personable, trustworthy and real.

By being expressive, fun and interactive, you can give your site its own heartbeat. This gives them not only a reason to remember you, but a reason to come back.

Get Connected

One of the first things we learn when we enter this world is to always “share.” Social media is no different. Sharing is caring, people!

Social media is not just a trend, it’s the way we share ideas now.

It could be as simple as a review on Yelp, a comment on a blog – even just an event update. Social media is powerful because it makes people feel like they have the power themselves.

The goal here is to identify where your prospects exchange information and then engage them from there.

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