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We know how time-consuming it can be to keep up with a social media strategy. Whether you are planning a month's worth of content or just want to post something to all your social accounts, having one single platform that can take care of that is important.

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As a digital marketing agency, we have tried a bunch of different social media scheduling tools. While most of them are fine, they usually fall short in one aspect or another. It is hard to find a platform that can do everything we need while not costing an arm and a leg. 

Our current favorite tool is Metricool. Metricool is a social media planning and scheduling tool that is great for managing one social account but even better if you manage multiple accounts! It has built-in analytics, a user-friendly dashboard, suggestions for the best times to post, and so much more. It also hosts almost every single social media platform, which is where many other scheduling tools fall short.


Things We Love About Metricool:

  • Suggests the best times to post based on your follower activity 
  • Supports every social media platform we need
  • We never run into a posting limit or a limit on how far in advance we can schedule a post
  • The user interface is very easy to navigate and we can toggle between client accounts without needing to log in again 
  • Pulls each platform’s analytics to display in one, easy to use space
  • Outside of social media, we can connect client websites, Google Business Profiles, and Google Ads accounts, which Metricool also pulls analytics from
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Drawbacks of Using Metricool:

While we are happy with our experience so far, there are two minor drawbacks we have noticed. While having multiple payment tiers lets you pick the best level for your needs, there were big jumps in pricing from tier to tier. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but say you manage three brands, you could no longer use the free version (which only allows for one brand), and you would have to pay for the “Starter” tier. Or if you are an agency and manage 16 brands instead of 15, you would be bumped up to the next tier and the next price point. 

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The other drawback we noticed was the language they used in the descriptions of their pricing tiers. They use the word “brand” when talking about how many social media accounts you can link under each tier. It wasn’t clear if a “brand” was one social media platform, like a Facebook account, or if a “brand” meant all the accounts for one person or client. This was cleared up when we spoke to their customer service (which was quick to respond, by the way). A “brand” on Metricool is all the social media accounts for one person or client. For example, at Corporate Communications, we use Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We can link all three of our platforms and that counts as one “brand”. 

If you are looking for a planning and scheduling tool for social media, our experience with Metricool has been great. They also offer a free trial, which allowed us to play around with the tool and get used to the platform before committing to it. Scheduling social media posts has never been easier and we love that everything is all in one place.

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