Millennials and Why They're Worth Chasing

Capturing the attention of millennials has quickly become a recent fad in the world of marketing and advertising. As they continue to build up more and more of the workforce, their buying power increases. In turn, businesses and organizations have refocused their efforts on catering to them.

Successfully navigating the millennial waters can seem like a frustrating, daunting task as millennials are seemingly one of the most misunderstood generations, but it’s actually much easier than you’d think.

Taking Photos at a Lake

Firstly, let’s start with the obvious: social media. If you find that your brand is trying to speak directly to millennials, start on the platforms that they’ll turn to most frequently; Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest – you name it, they’re on it. The social media channels that showcase your brand most effectively is your chance to shine. Gain their trust and a sense of comfort and familiarity through these outlets. Millennials will lean on the brands that they can relate to, so use this to your advantage.

It’s important to millennials to feel as though they’re connecting to your brand on a personal level, so feel free to add some personality to your content and your brand. Stand out, be unique and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Millennials will be more likely than other generations to search your brand through your social media accounts, so it’s important to stay on top of them. Share valuable, informational and relatable content and share it frequently. The second they get to your Facebook page and see that you haven’t posted in two months, you’ve almost immediately lost your relevancy. So, it’s important to stay on top of what you’re posting, and when you’re posting it.

Having that said, since this generation is particularly known for being glued to their phones, be sure that your content is mobile-friendly.

Millennials also like to feel in control, so let them feel like they’re grabbing ahold of your reigns. Instead of flooding their emails with newsletters, eblasts or other forms of email marketing, give them the option to view your content as opposed to shoving it in their face. Put it this way, instead of trying to sell the car right off the bat, allow them to take it for a test drive. More often than not, they’ll hop in for a ride. After all, they’ll be looking to see what’s in it for them, too.

With this in mind, cause marketing is another biggie. In fact, millennials are often known to switch brands due to cause marketing. Millennials are all about making a change and feeling as though they are helping to make a difference, no matter how big or small. By catering to your customers wants, not only can you help a non-profit or other cause, but you can help your audience feel like they’re doing so as well.

Post, share and create content that is relevant not only to your brand, but to your targeted audience. Be willing to step outside of the box and break the norm a little bit. Playing it safe will get you nowhere when you're trying to engage millennials. So dare to be different and take those risks.

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