Managing Your Website Content

Website Content Management

Many of our clients like to be able to manage their own content through the use of our custom easy-to-use content management system. Having the ability to make regular updates to their website themselves saves them time and resources.

Keep It Real
What exactly makes up the content of a site? Basically everything from the written word, to images, to listings, and anything else that is on a web page. When editing existing and adding new content it's important to think about your audience - not necessarily the visitors you currently have, but the visitors you would like to have. What kind of questions would they have about your product or service? How can you help them to make the decision to contact you to purchase your product or service?

Keep It Current
Keeping your website current with regular content updates and additions is essential for search engine optimization. The build and launch of your website should not be the end of your work online. Frequent maintenance and content additions to your website should be part of your on-going overall marketing strategy.

Keep it Clean
Clients often want to include as much information as possible on a particular subject creating a large amount of content – which is great! The important thing to remember is to make sure the content is readable. Most visitors are not going to take the time to read through several paragraphs of information. Use bullets, headings and other visual cues to pull out the most important information and the visitor can decide whether to read the supporting detail content.

Know When to Hand It Over
There are some website edits that it’s best to give to the experts. This includes major overhauls of an existing page, new page development that includes functionality that doesn’t exist on the current site, pages that require major image work, etc. In situations like these, it’s important to realize when it’s going to take you more time and resources to complete than it would to outsource the work.

In addition, some businesses don’t have the time or resources to even make simple edits. As mentioned above, keeping your website current is important for maintaining a presence in the search engines. In cases like these it’s a good idea to consider outsourcing edits and additions through a monthly maintenance program.


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