Managing Passwords

managing passwords

You need to protect yourself in this online environment. That is a fact. So far, companies and app writers have settled on using passwords to keep our information safe. Unfortunately, the recommended way to do that is to have a different password for every website you set up an account with. However, when you have a password for your bank, Amazon, email, and blog accounts, it can be a pain trying to remember each password you have. Most browsers offer to save your password to lighten the load, but these can be compromised just by going into the settings and viewing them. What to do then when you have so many passwords that you can’t keep them all straight?

Password Manager

But don't fret! There are ways to keep all your passwords saved in one location. And the best part is that you only need to remember one of them!

The solution is a password manager, a program that stores and encrypts all of your passwords used on your computer. The only password you need to remember is the one to get into the password manager.

Most password managers handle your passwords within a database that is saved to your computer. Some even give you the option to save this database to a USB thumb drive so that it can be ported to other computers. What’s better is that the top programs in this field do not know what your password is, so decrypting your information can only be done by you. However, one thing to remember is that this means that there is no password remembering option should you forget what your one password is. If this happens, you will need to start all over again.

Finding the Right Manager for You

There are many different varieties of password managers, each offering their own special services. Some have mobile options for your phone or tablet while others offer two-step authentication for extra security. Some are free while others require a subscription. A good example for a free version is KeePass while a more robust, price based program is LastPass. Depending on the level of security you need, it’s best to look into what these products offer before making a decision.

Make sure you do your research when deciding on a password manager. The folks at Corporate Communication are always available for help on these issues! Learn more about password security

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