How to create a Google+ Page for your business

We are finally able to add a business page to Google+ (YEAH another social media site to babysit!) Regardless of your opinion on if we need another social media network or not, adding a page for your business or organization is relatively straight forward.

  1. First login to your Google+ account using your Google Account (don't have an account yet? Go here to create a Google account and then go Here to create a Google+ account.
  2. Next go here (You may also see this link
    Google+ Account
    on your page once logged in, simply click on it and you will end up in the same place.)
  3. Next select the type of business or organization you wish to addCreate a Google+ Page
  4. Create your page name, and enter your website URL. Select a category that represents the type of organization you are adding. (if you post content for 18+, 21+ audiences or promote alcohol please make the appropriate selection, otherwise leave the drop-down set to Any Google+ user. Yes then agree to the terms and CREATE!
  5. Wow that was difficult! Now all that is left is to add some content and start using your page. The first thing you will be prompted to do is add a tag line that describes your business. (Don't have one? provides some basic background on taglines.)You will also have the opportunity to add a profile photo. (If you have used any social network you should be familiar with this. -- one note, Google+ has a neat simple to use photo editor you can use. Once you upload the photo you should seeCreative Kityou can select if you choose - or move forward with what you uploaded (175px x 175px is a good size to work with). You can also pull from Picasa, Photos of you or from a Webcam installed on your computer.

Those are the basics. You can edit your profile further, and promote your page using the URL provided to you under the Get Started link - should look something like this:

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