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Mobile Friendly Website

The internet landscape changes on a daily basis and if your company doesn’t keep up, it will be left behind. Your website and online presence are critical to the success of your business and should be one of the top priorities in your marketing initiatives.

The statistics don’t lie – mobile internet usage and search on mobile devices is rapidly increasing. Here are a few stas to consider:

  • 58% of American adults have a smartphone (source)
  • 34% of cell internet users go online mostly using their phones; as opposed to another device (source)
  • 50% of mobile phone users visit a store within a day of their local search; compared to 34% on a computer or tablet (source)
  • 1 in 4 online searches are conducted on mobile devices (source)
  • 78% of local searches on mobile phones resulted in an offline purchase (source)
  • 57% of mobile users won’t recommend companies with poor mobile sites (source)

These statistics are changing all the time as mobile use continues to grow and more and more people are converting to smart phones.

In response to this growing number of mobile searchers, Google has tested various ways to communicate whether a site is mobile friendly or not. And why is this important for you? Google currently has 83.3% of the mobile search market share. Some of the variations Google tested included:

  • An icon of a cell phone next to search results for websites that are mobile friendly

    Mobile Friendly Icons

  • A text notice, that says “Mobile-friendly” next to search results for websites that are mobile friendly
    Mobile Friendly Text
  • An icon of a cell phone with a cross through it next to search results for websites that are NOT mobile friendly (you can view an image of this here)

Google has officially begun using the text notice.  Therefore, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, it will be noted by Google on mobile devices and could very well hurt the chances of your site being visited is a user is looking for a good mobile experience.

What is preventing you from making your website mobile-friendly? Contact us to discuss responsive design.


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