Are Your Emails Being Read?
How Mobile Use is Affecting Email Marketing

Email Marketing and Mobile Devices

Are the marketing emails you’re sending being opened? And, if they are, are they read or just being discarded as junk?

There is nothing worse than getting an email you can’t read because the formatting is off and it’s difficult to see. Or, even if you can see the email ok, you are driven to a web page that is hard to read or even jumbled. This is what can happen if your emails and website are not mobile-friendly.

The Ever-Changing World of Technology

Mobile and the web has been a very relevant and important topic as of late. More and more people are searching the web using mobile devices and search engines are recognizing it as an important component of the user experience. In late February, Google even announced that beginning on April 21, it will be including whether a website is mobile-friendly into their rank algorithm. This is a significant event as Google doesn’t often announce algorithm changes in advance. But, it’s a change that has been coming for some time now.

With mobile use becoming so prevalent, most everything technology-related is being designed with different screen sizes in mind – everything from a smart phone to tablet, to regular computer screen. If you haven’t at least started to consider how this might impact your marketing, you are behind the eight ball.

So, What Does this Have to Do with My Email Marketing?

If you are doing email marketing on a regular basis, have you looked at your statistics on a particular campaign to check the open rate on various devices? If you have, I’m sure you’ve noticed the increase of those using a mobile device to open the email, or even it becoming the number one method of viewing email. Even if the email is only being reviewed in a mobile device, and later looked at on a larger screen of a laptop or desktop computer, that first impression will usually make or break your engagement with the recipient.

And, even if the email is easy to view and read in a mobile environment, does your call to action take them to a page that is also easy to view and read? If not, there is a good chance that you will lose that lead and not only that, but you could even wind up with a higher unsubscribe rate, losing them altogether.

It’s About User Experience

Bottom line is that if you’re not providing your recipients with a good experience, they are not likely to stick around for more.  When designing your email blast, be sure to keep mobile view ability in mind by:

  • keeping messages clear and concise
  • stack images over and under text and not next to text
  • make sure that the call to action is visible and easy to read
  • when doing a test of your message, be sure to check the test on a mobile device

And, make sure wherever you are sending the reader, that it is mobile-friendly. Whether you are using responsive design, a mobile-only website on a sub-domain, or an application, create an experience that the user can easily navigate and will entice them to take your desired action.


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