Wilmac, a leading provider of mission critical software and hardware solutions supporting Workforce Optimization, Financial Services, Compliance, Public Safety and Security Management, was in need of a marketing agency partner to redefine their corporate brand. Understanding the growing importance of the website, it was determined this would be the first item to be addressed.

Website Design

Following a competitive market analysis and one-on-one client interviews, the website design parameters were established. The primary driver was to design a progressive and clean website design that would not interfere with the presentation of the highly-technical product and service data. Through a collaborative website design process, the Wilmac Marketing team was able to contribute to the resulting website design which is now used as the backbone for the design of all other corporate marketing efforts.

Private Customer Portal

Expanding the capabilities of the website beyond that of a marketing device, a private customer portal was developed. Once logged into this private website portal, a variety of tasks can be performed, including product support requests, access to product software updates and access to confidential product documentation. Access accounts are easily maintained by the website administrator through the integration with the CMS.

Website CMS

The entire website is controlled by the Wilmac Marketing Team using our simple content management system (CMS). As with each custom website we develop, the already-robust CMS was customized to the meet the website presentation and maintenance needs unique to Wilmac. These CMS customizations include providing the administrator with the ability to control (opening and blocking) access to the Private Customer portal. All of this is performed without needing to know how to program or needing expensive software applications.

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"Working with you and Corporate Communications has been a dream compared to what I was dealing with before."

Marketing Support Manager, Wilmac

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