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Online Store Designed to Support a Great Program

CDS Monarch’s tradition of providing innovative community services continues as they combine their dedication to supporting local veterans with their passion for producing reasonably priced, gourmet foods. Disabled individuals placed via CDS Monarch’s career services blend and package Warrior Salute Seasonings on-site, while proceeds from every sale help support the organization’s veteran outreach programs:

Progressive Brand Translation

A fresh online presence for Warrior Salute Seasonings to showcase and sell their products was a necessity, and that’s where we came in. We crafted a progressive eCommerce website design that puts the seasoning products in the spotlight while successfully translating the branding of the fine food line to an online environment.

Integrated Promotion Mechanisms

A built-in email marketing system allows Warrior Salute Seasonings to keep customers up-to-date on their latest offerings and product specials. An integrated coupon code manager makes it a snap to apply advertised discounts at checkout.

Simple and Easy 3-Step Shopping Cart

As one would expect with a professional eCommerce site, placing an order online can be done in three simple steps. The Salute Seasonings site also features some additional purchase capabilities. Users can create an account which will track their previous online orders and once logged in, makes reorders "one-step simple." Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking for a sampling of products or putting together the perfect gift, the Salute Six Pack creator allows you to put together any combination of Warrior Salute Seasonings’ 12 different spice offerings.

You will also find prominent links throughout the site encouraging visitors to explore the programs that their purchases support, as well as the entire family of CDS Monarch services. Most importantly, this site reinforces the organization’s commitment to helping improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and Veterans with PTSD and TBI.

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