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When the Chautauqua-Lake Erie Wine Trail began its brand transformation to adapt the new name, Lake Erie Wine Country, they decided the Lake Erie wine website was in need of a major redesign. The objective was to create a new website design that would serve as the main focal point of their digital marketing efforts. In essence, this central hub for communications would be vital to increasing online ticket sales and integral in developing the future online marketing initiatives for the Lake Erie wine organization.

Brand identity updates, new logo design and personnel changes within the organization presented many challenges to the process of defining the online identity and coordinating the content for the new website. The website design was focused on presenting the surrounding area as the attractive destination spot that it is by providing beautiful imagery of the locations, easily accessible information and simple ways to find and purchase tickets for upcoming events. Enhanced features such as the Member Categories, Trip Planner, Promotional Banners, Guestbook, Newsletter Sign-up and search engine-friendly content gives the Lake Erie Wine Country website a big advantage over the previous website.

In addition to creating a better user experience, the website redesign also included development of a custom website Content Management System (CMS) to make updating and maintaining the website efficient and simple for the website administrators. The member listings manager was specifically developed to allow the administrator the options to include more details when appropriate or keep it simple depending on what content was available to work with.

The new Lake Erie Wine Country (Westfield, NY) website is loaded with exciting new features and functionality, promotional capabilities, e-commerce, social media integration, and tons of information to entice users to contact the organization and ultimately visit the south eastern shore of Lake Erie to experience the unique offerings of the area first hand.

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