Gleason had gone through a major website redesign in recent years and was happy with the overall look. However, they were looking to make some updates to the site that would enhance what they already had, including maintaining and building upon the branding that was previously established through the website. They trusted that we could update their site with a fresh look, updated content, and most importantly, responsive design, without completely taking away any of the appeal from the existing design.

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"This website is the best sales tool our company has."

- Al Finegan, Director of Marketing, Gleason

Gleason Website Redesign

Responsive Design

The most important component of this project was to make the website responsive so that it is easily viewable on all types of devices, including the latest smartphones, notepads and tablets. To do this, we worked with Gleason to make some updates to the content and the overall layout for easy scaling to the different screen sizes of various devices. The design was developed to ensure that all components of the website are accessible in any format.

Consistent Branding

During the redesign process, it was important to maintain the branding that had already been established in the most recent website design, but also give it a fresh look. In addition, Gleason wanted to highlight some new services and update some the images and other content on the site.  We worked with Gleason to determine their overall online marketing needs and then designed a solution that would meet their goals and improve the overall website. The result was a fresher website design with updated content and images that enhanced their already recognized and well-known brand.

Gleason Responsive Design