CDS Monarch

Managing a Family of Websites from One Centralized CMS

CDS Life Transitions / CDS Monarch of Rochester, NY has been providing unique support and opportunities to local individuals with disabilities for over 35 years. Although this website is far from their first, or even their first redesign, CDS found themselves in need of a website development and design team that could combine their distinctive new look with unconventional features and functionality to fully demonstrate their well-rounded family of services to clients, donors and employees.

Their main interactive banner featured across five interconnected sites provides brief descriptions and convenient links to related services and information. From veteran rehabilitation and integration, to transitional living assistance, to senior community options, the rollover feedback and quick links allow users to easily navigate the site for appropriate content applicable to their individual needs.

Sound Complicated? Not With CMS.

The custom Content Management System (CMS) allows an administrator to manage banners, page content, images, links and feeds for all five sites from a single access point. We designed a CMS that makes it simple and efficient to make necessary changes and updates with the ability to display the specified content across multiple sites.

Additionally, the new website includes an integrated online store. Users can register for event tickets and make donations to support The Wolf Foundation, as well as purchase products from Unistel Industries and the CDS Warrior Salute program. Other features include an enhanced process to manage job postings and review submitted applications directly linked to CDS Monarch’s internal Human Resources department, integrated social media feeds (Blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), as well as our custom designed 360Blast email marketing system, which provides multiple points for comprehensive organizational updates. To top it off, the new site is mobile-friendly, making CDS Monarch the first developmental services provider in the Rochester area to provide a mobile website.

As CDS Monarch moves into the future, spreading the wings of their new identity, we look forward to growing our partnership to help them push the envelope of online marketing and integrated solutions for increased ease-of-use and performance.

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