Yiyi Lu

Title: Interactive Designer & Developer
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Yiyi is a member of the company’s Interactive Design & Development Team. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2010 after completing multiple full-time internships with local companies. Her experience developing touch screen, and surface table motion graphics applications will enable us to grow the production and usability of iPad and iPhone compatible technology for our clients. Although her primary focus has been digital graphic design, Yiyi has gained a solid working knowledge of show floor graphic design and production, and design for manufacture. Overall, her well-rounded design sense greatly contributes to maintaining Corporate Communications reputation for quality products and cutting-edge skill.

So what is it you actually do at the agency?

I create fun design comps of websites and build it after approval. When not brain storm or thinking of CSS tricks, I also edit video and do some motion graphics. Working on iOS apps is also my responsibility.

When you're not doing that you will most likely be doing...

"You can either travel or read, but either your body or soul must be on the way. "
I love to travel around the world and be with the book all the time. Besides travelling and reading, I also enjoy digital photograph, movies and cooking. If there is still spare time, I'll do crafting, painting or practising calligraphy. Crafting range from paper craft to wood and metal. Painting including Chinese tranditional painting, oil, water color, silk and of course, digital painting. Practising calligraphy is only because my hand writting is not that good.

Yiyi Lu


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