Terry Palis

Title: President
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Terry started Corporate Communications, Inc. 20 years ago with the intention of being a leader in new media marketing and communications technologies. Right from the beginning the company had accounts such as Bausch & Lomb, Xerox Corporation and Eastman Kodak Company. Partnering a few years later with Matthew Mitchell, they began hiring top quality programmers, developers, and designers and have transformed the company into a distinguished, Award-winning Interactive Agency. By delivering truly innovative marketing products and creating cutting-edge on-line presences, Terry has been able to land and keep clients, such as Kodak, for the entire 20 years. Being an entrepreneur most of his life, Terry translates his passion for the industry into all of the company accounts.

His experience dates all the way back to 1985 and his first business partnership that provided the latest in multi-media and multi-projector slide presentation support for some of Rochester’s top level corporations. Terry’s active role in the company, his background, and his community relationships paired with the company’s competitive pricing and experience allow his agency to deliver the very best in quality and creative marketing solutions.

So what is it you actually do at the agency?

I try to get out of the way of the very creative thinkers, designers and talented developers we have on staff. I find myself overseeing the agencys finances and helping to develope new clients from past contacts and current customers. My creed has always been: It takes a lot more work to get new customers than to give great customer service and keep the ones we have. Everyone here belives it and operates under that tradition.

When you're not doing that you will most likely be doing...

I grew up spending summers at my family’s cottage in a modest little community of cottages on Lake Ontario called Holland’s Cove. So all of my adult life I’ve wanted to live on the water or have a summer place. Finally about 8 years ago my wife and I were able to buy a place on Port Bay, just east of Sodas Bay. I now spend as many weekends as I can out there and days during the summer, enjoying the water, family and friends. The yard work and maintenance never seems like work out there.

Other interests have been and are curling, movies and The Little Theatre. I’ve been on the Board of the Little for over 8 years. Corporate  Communications built their first website and, now on the third generation design, we still host and maintain it.   Actually we started this agency by renting a couple of offices from The Little in 1992.  As we grew and needed more space, we moved to larger quarters above the Little lobby and shops for several years before moving to our present building at 108 S Union Street.

Terry Palis


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