Webmercial marketing provides a unique and innovative way to quickly and effectively communicate your message to a targeted audience. Webmercials require a small commitment on the part of the viewer, but provide a powerful impact for the marketer. Designed to achieve the highest emotional impact possible, most webmercials include an interactive call-to-action at the end of the webmercial to 'strike' at the peek of the emotional connection.

Utilizing custom designs and engaging story lines, we develop award-winning webmercials by artistically employing a variety of media to quickly tell a story. Webmercials combine high quality photographs, engaging animated text, dynamic graphics and music or narration. Webmercials are an effective method to engage a viewer's emotions by creating an immediate connection. Applications for webmercials are endless. We have identified two primary markets finding great success with webmercials:

Not-For-Profit Webmercials

Not-for-profits find webmercials to be a highly effective means of appealing to potential donors. They're also effective when it comes to educating untapped membership communities. Some of the typical not for profit webmercial topics include:

  • Annual Giving Campaign Webmercials
  • Capital Campaign Webmercials
  • Recruitment & Membership Webmercials
  • Event Promotion Webmercials

Commercial Webmercials

Commercial organizations ranging from manufacturing companies to service providers are constantly implementing webmercials in a variety of applications. Found to be quick educational tools, webmercials are essential elements to a comprehensive marketing plan. Some of the typical commercial applications include:

  • New Product Marketing Webmercials
  • New Service Marketing Webmercials
  • Competitive Advantage Webmercials
  • Talent Recruitment Webmercials
  • Company Messaging Webmercials

The added benefit to webmercial marketing is the wide variety of delivery methods.

Here are just a few of the marketing possibilities:

  • Webmercials featured on USB Flash Drives
  • Links to webmercials sent via e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Webmercials integrated into an existing website
  • CD Webmercial distribution
  • Dynamic PowerPoint presentation introduction frame
  • Looping webmercials displayed for trade shows, sales events, etc.
  • Easily incorporated into viral email marketing
  • Designed to allow viewer click-through rates to be easily tracked
  • Customizable message to address multiple audiences with a single webmercial marketing campaign

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